I am an early stage investor and founder focused on live-streaming, consumer tech, and AR/VR. I also run StreamVC, a massive livestream community of founders, developers, and investors.

I recently graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a Business and Computer Science Degree. Previously, I launched FlashCash, SimplyStow (Airbnb for Storage), HypeCast (Podcast advertising platform), and Strutzy (B2B analog advertising platform).

Business & Computer Science Double Major - Class of 2018

Summer Business Scholars Program - Class of 2016

Y-Combinator Startup School Class of 2017

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'Airbnb of storage': Franklin & Marshall students develop app to help people share, rent space

Call it the Airbnb of storage. That's how 21-year-old Paraj Mathur describes his tech startup, SimplyStow, an app that helps people find a nearby space to store their stuff. The app takes advantage of a barrier that Airbnb, an online home-rental service, broke by giving strangers access to somebody else's personal space.

How Business and Computer Science Prepared A Student for His Own Business

Introduce yourself! Tell us about where you go to school, where you have worked in the past and where you are this summer? (If it's a small company, tell us what they do) I am Paraj Mathur, a senior at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA....

Paraj's Projects

HypeCast helps advertisers find the perfect podcast for advertising. It helps podcasters monetize their podcast and advertisers find the perfect niche audience for their brand. In this project, I experiment with the Pay-What-You-Want pricing strategy.

I worked on a deal research project with an AR/VR focused search fund where I researched, analyzed, and evaluated investment opportunities. Working with the managing partner, I created a massive AR/VR deaflow database and evaluation framework for seed stage startups.

Cocktail Cafe is a weekly cocktail subscription box which brings delicious international cocktail recipes to your doorstep. In this project, I experimented with the subscription model and a chatbot-focused customer acquisition channel.

DipVentures is Franklin & Marshall College's first ever venture fund and accelerator. I started this fund to support entrepreneurs and makers in the F&M community, and give them a platform to build products that solve problems. So far, we have organized two pitch contests and created a mentorship program for the winners. We are currently in the process of raising the 'Genesis' Fund.

[Ever Health] is a concierge medicine app to help healthcare systems create a better healthcare experience for millennials. This app implements a tiered subscription model for on-demand healthcare services which begin the first instant you feel sick. I developed an app prototype in addition to a detailed strategy recommendation for a large healthcare system. Recently, the healthcare giant announced that they will be launching our product and pricing strategy by the end of 2018.

SimplyStow is a peer-to-peer storage rental platform for college students. Students looking to store their extra boxes can find nearby houses with extra space (garages, attics, etc). In this project, I experimented with the p2p services model and learnt more about the unit economics of logistics businesses. After a pre-launch marketing campaign, SimplyStow had over 300 signups and 20 beta users.

Strutzy is an influencer marketing platform for the offline world. Small businesses find micro-influencers for targeted t-shirt marketing campaigns and the app tracks impressions in the real world. In this project, I experimented with the B2B model and ran a successful, paid pilot with two small businesses.

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I don't get to write to as much as I would like. When I manage to put my thoughts out in the world, they are usually about startups, VC, and technology.

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Introducing HypeCast - connecting podcasts and brands

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